UPSC IAS Interviews 2022 | State Based Questions | Karnataka State

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Dear Friends,

In this post, we are releasing the state-based questions of Karnataka state for UPSC IAS interviews 2022.

This post is a part of our series of state-based UPSC IAS interview questions. In this series, we are going to create state-specific posts, containing the questions that have been asked in the interviews on the basis of the home state of the candidate, mentioned in DAF.

You can take hints for your own interview preparation, from the type of questions asked.

State-based UPSC IAS interview questions for Karnataka state

History-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. Karnataka corresponds to the Carnatic region. What is the ancient history of this region?
  2. Enlist famous dynasties that ruled over Karnataka?
  3. Mention a few Neolithic sites found in Karnataka.
  4. How did the Battle of Tallikatta change the local politics of the region around Karnataka?
  5. What was the result of the First Anglo Mysore War?
  6. Mention the provisions of the Treaty of Seringaipatnam.
  7. Can you name a few freedom fighters from Karnataka who fought during the national movement.
  8. When was the Mysore state renamed as Karnataka?

Art and Culture-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. Give two differences between Hindustani and Carnatic Music.
  2. What do you know about Yakshagana?
  3. Which part of the state is Sringeri located? Explain its significance.
  4. When and what led to the emergence of the Lingayats in the state?
  5. Tell us something about Bassavana.
  6. What is the meaning of the Mahamastabhisheka?
  7. Who was Lord Bahubali? Mention one feature of the Gomateshwara statue at Shravanbelgola.
  8. On which architectural patterns are the temples in Karnataka based?
  9. Where is the Bidar Fort located?
  10. Aihole inscription is a great source of reconstructing history. Who composed it?

Politics-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. When was the state of Karnataka formed?
  2. What is the KAYAKA MITRA app that was recently launched?
  3. How many members does Karnataka send to the Lok Sbha and the Rajya Sabha?
  4. Explain the Panchayti Raj system in Karnataka.
  5. Tell us something about the official emblem of the state?
  6. What is your opinion on the politics around Tipu Sultan?
  7. Water disputes with Tamil Nadu causes irritants in the relationship between two states. What is the solution to this dispute?
  8. What is the Commissionerate System? How does it empower the police?

Economics-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. Which city is known as the Silicon Valley and why?
  2. What are the features of the Aerospace Policy launched by Karnataka?
  3. What steps have been taken by the state government for the betterment of the fishery sector?
  4. What are the problems of agriculture in Karnataka?
  5. What is the reason of the closure of the Kolar gold mines?
  6. Which districts have a flourishing sericulture industry?
  7. What makes Karnataka the largest producer of coffee in India?
  8. How has Covid impacted the economy of Karnataka especially the IT industries?

Social issues based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. Explain current caste structure of Karnataka?
  2. What are various issues of women and children in Karnataka? Give its solutions?
  3. Do you think there is a wide variation between the development of north and south Karnataka?
  4. What are the major problems of the Madiga caste?
  5. What is the reason for increase in drug menace in Karnataka?
  6. What do you think is the reason for the decline in the Maternal Mortality Rate?
  7. Why are beedi workers in Karnataka protesting against the COTPA amendments?

Geography and Environment-based UPSC IAS Interview Questions

  1. Karnataka is surrounded by how many states?
  2. How many geographical zones is Karnataka divided in?
  3. Where does the Tungabhadra river originate?
  4. What percentage of the state area is composed of forests?
  5. What are the Dharwad rocks?
  6. Four biodiversity heritage sites were proposed in Karnataka. Name them.
  7. Where is Karnataka do the Eastern and the Western Ghats meet?
  8. What can be done to prevent poaching of elephants in Karnataka?
  9. Name a few areas where iron ore is found in Karnataka?
  10. Have you heard of E-Manifest? What is its objective?

Miscellaneous Questions:

  1. If I want to travel to Karnataka what places would you suggest?
  2. Tell us about the problems your district is facing? As a DM how will you handle these problems?

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