[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #167 : Bharat Bhushan Vyas Board, Tamil Nadu Home State, Sociology Optional, Sports Hobby

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Date of Interview: 07/09/21
Board: Bharat Bhushan Vyas Sir
Education: Born & completed schooling in UAE, B.Tech EEE, NIT Tiruchirappalli
Optional: Sociology
Home State: Tamil Nadu
Hobby: Food photography, Weightlifting, Audiobooks


  1. You sure you want to give now, you can give interview later as well when you’re better
  2. Why do we get cold?
  3. Tell me about our relations with UAE
  4. You are a sociology student, why do we mention ‘children on the wrong side of the law’? Tell me about the Juvenile Justice Act
  5. Kerala is known as God’s own country, tell me another tagline that can be catchy, you can tell later at the end of the interview as well

Member 1

  1. You sure you don’t have fever? (looking concerned)
  2. Are you a citizen of UAE? (…)
  3. Okay so, your school is named Our Own English High school, is it your family’s own or?
  4. You have mentioned food photography but that does not involve cooking. How do you choose the images to capture?
  5. Are you present on social media, do you have your own website?
  6. How do you popularize your product?
  7. Why sociology as optional? How has it changed you?


  1. It is said that Kerala is undergoing 3rd wave. Why is it that Kerala is performing so poorly presently despite the high education and health infrastructure metrics?
  2. Is there GCC – India trade agreement?
  3. Should India sign FTA with UAE?
  4. UAE’s sovereign fund is being used pumping billions of dollars into an entity that only brings few hundred million or so in revenue and rarely turns profits, what is it? (Manchester City, ez)
  5. Mention UAE visa scheme criteria, why is it not available to Pakistan?

Member 3

  1. (Kept interrupting in between)
  2. Tell me why UAE and Saudi are experiencing few tensions currently
  3. Name 2 exceptional players of Indian football team
  4. Who are the two well known Indian female weightlifers and which states are they from?
  5. Qatar, how is it playing such a prominent role in negotiations?
  6. Our Electricity grid faces security issues because we import so much from which country?

Member 4

  1. Tell me about 6th schedule
  2. Why is there so much concern about Taliban coming to power?
  3. Do you watch Mammootty movies? Mention 5 films done by Mammootty (xD)


  1. Points toward the painting on the wall (kalaripayattu warriors)
  2. Do you know what this is, speak about it.(Originated from my district)
  3. What lessons have Kerala learnt for its tourism model since covid has occurred?
  4. Your interview is over. Wish you a speedy recovery, get well soon!
  5. Interview was weirdly factual at places, and one member in particular kept interrupting in between.
    Overall experience was very cordial and accomodating. Best of luck to all!

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