[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #224 : Smita Nagraj Board, Haryana Home State, Economics Optional, badminton Hobby

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Board: Smita Nagraj
Date of Interview: 20th September
Background: BA MA Eco, DU , JNU, 
Optional: Economics
Home State: Haryana,
Hobby: badminton


  1. What have you been doing since post graduation
  2. Difference between US model of economic development vs Western European model
  3. Views wrt social expenditure
  4. Role of government of India in reducing social development gap
  5. Role of private sector
  6. Follow up questions on the same topic

Member 1

  1. National monetisation pipeline wrt reducing inequalities in the country
  2. Economics of farm laws and the related agitation

Member 2

  1. Indianisation of judiciary
  2. Judicial reforms required
  3. Why UTs are important
  4. Why should we not merge Puducherry with Tamil Nadu
  5. What is the strategic importance of Puducherry

Member 3

  1. Internal security issues for India
  2. Role of taliban wrt India’s internal security
  3. LWE origin
  4. Where has it been concentrated geographically
  5. What can be done

Member 4

  1. Name of the new chief minister of Punjab
  2. 2 sports persons who won 2 medals at olympics
  3. 1 thing that you learnt from Jnu
  4. India’s border with Afghanistan and Indonesia
  5. If you are to be made the foreign secretary , tell me 3 steps you’ll take to resolve India pak issues
  6. Anything that you would like the board to ask you?

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