[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #252 : Ajit Marshal Bhosale Board, Madhya Pradesh Home State, Sociology Optional, Bundelkhandi Music Hobby

Board: Ajit Marshal Bhosale
Home State: Madhya Pradesh
Optional: Sociology
Hobby: Bundelkhandi Music


  1. Explained the entire process, told to keep the mask on throughout the interview.
  2. Asked about civil service delivery in Madhya Pradesh and reasons for its relative effectiveness.

Member 1

  1. Proportion of tribals in MP.
  2. Opinion on Idea of tribal University and asked where in MP is such a university.
  3. Problems of rural MP and solutions.
  4. How to improve tourism?

Member 2

  1. Opinion on creation of  Bundelkhand as a separate state.
  2. Bundelkhandi music and its features ( hobby)
  3. Problems of development in Bundelkhand

Member 3

  1. Told to speak in favour or against the motion ‘ Equal opportunities for all but selection of the best’.
  2. Stand on reservation.
  3. Opinion on caste census.

Member 4

  1. ( questions on Sanskrit as I had Sanskrit optional in class 12)
  2. Asked about a quote ‘ some read word by word, some page by page but I read book by book’.
  3. A few writings of Kalidas
  4. About stages of consciousness in Sanskrit.
  5. Actress in movies – Mary Kom, Saina Nehwal, Shakuntala
  6. Indian origin women to go to space.
  7. A sentence in Sanskrit and its writer.
  8. Who composed Gayatri Mantra?


  1. Should India consider engaging with China and reorient ties with US in the face of Afghan exit and Chinese reach in Afghanistan?
  2. Plans post interview
  3. Approx time: 35 minutes

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