[UPSC Interview 2020] – Transcript #80 : Sathiyavathy Madam Board, Msc. Economics, Flipkart Employee, Badminton Hobby

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Date of Interview: 25th Aug, 21
Background: Civil Engineering + Msc. Economics
Board: Sathiyavathy Madam
Work ex: Flipkart
Hobby: Badminton


  1. Since you play badminton, tell me why did PV Sindhu lose in semifinal
  2. Asked about the draft eCommerce consumer protection regulations and a few follow-up questions mostly opinion-based

Member 2

  1. How did Amrulla Saleh become President of Afghanistan and a few follow-up questions?
  2. Asked about stealth
  3. A few other questions I am unable to recall

Member 3

  1. Asked about iPAC(daf since sher my name with Prashant Kishore)
  2. Fake news and how to control it
  3. Covid death undercount and a few follow up questions unable to recall

Member 4

  1. Deep fake
  2. Global commons
  3. Follow up on global common I.e outer space
  4. My project mentioned in DAF
    A few other questions

Member 5

  1. CPEC and India’s issue with it
  2. Pay gap in the public and private sector. Why joining despite it?
  3. Love jihad and opinion on laws
  4. A few other questions like Robotic Object processing etc which I did not answer
  5. Later the chairman wished me luck and said interview over.
  6. Fairly short interview with an overall cordial board. Could not gauge how it went considering everyone was masked.
  7. All the best and hope this helps relieve you of your anxiety. Believe me, it’s easier done than reading.

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