[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #214 : Smita Nagraj Board, Economics Optional, Rajasthan Home State, Korean Drama, Diary Writing Hobbies

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Date of Interview: 5th May 2022 ( Forenoon Session), 4th to go
Board: Smita Nagraj
Optional: Economics
Home State: Rajasthan
Background: B.S.-M.S. Economics, IITK
Hobbies: Ghoomar, Korean Drama, Diary Writing

Experience in Interview: It happened so fast, board was very cordial, didn’t cross question, they were very observant, they even paused in between to check how I would react to that.

Utility of mocks: It made me confident, more articulate, I could think of various points.


  1. Why your graduation is called M.S. and not M.S.
  2. Impact of recent rbi on industry and investment
  3. ( At this point I fumbled, I made my arguments, she said no I’m asking this, then I explained more, but she was looking for something more specific, then she moved on)
  4. Huge informal sector–> why they go for money from moneylenders
  5. What can be done to improve this situation
  6. Something on SHG since I Mentioned it

Member 1

  1. Did you consider IES?
  2. Impact of this recent rbi decision on growth
  3. Impact of RBI’s move on Forex reserves and Indian currency
  4. Is RBI indicating something with this recent move ?
  5. (1-2 follow up questions)
  6. Are redistributive justice and growth compatible?
  7. Why rouble is booming inspite of Russian

Member 2

  1. Why korean drama
  2. What is IITK Motorsports
  3. Ukraine crisis
  4. Status of Real Estate in China?
  5. Do you know about one particular company which crashed in the real estate sector of China?
  6. How do you see Chinese Economy?
  7. Does a state-led economy like china can sustain itself?
  8. Is a state-led economic system feasible for India?

Member 3

  1. What are issues in RJ?
  2. impact of climate change on agri in RJ
  3. Do you know about climate-resilience?
  4. E.g.,  of Climate resilience
  5. What can be done to improve health status in RJ
  6. Subsequent questions on this like telemedicine

Member 4

  1. Why ASFA is implemented?
  2. Recent changes in AFSA
  3. Which areas it is removed
  4. Which state has completely removed AFSA
  5. Why AFSA only in N-E, not in other states?

I might be missing 1-2 questions here and there.

Closest mock to my PT was of Vajirao and Reddy, questions from mock didn’t repeat except one.

All the very best to everyone!

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