[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #220 : TCA Anant Sir Board, Journal Writing Hobby

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Date of Interview: 9th May
Board: TCA Anant Sir
Hobby: Journal Writing
Background: parliament internship, actuarial science, ntse, house captain;


  1. No masters?
  2. How many papers of actuarial science?
  3. what do they do?
  4. Who regulates them in India?
  5. Journal vs diary writing
  6. What did you write about recently?
  7. What did you write about during covid?
  8. how covid affected society? Diff segments
  9. What did you do in parliament?
  10. What special things you saw in parliament library?
  11. How is the original constitution diff?

Member 1

  1. What is ntse? Is it same as junior science fellowship?
  2. Impact of corona on digital economy?
  3. India as a trading nation? Data on service sector?
  4. What has been done for electronics sector?

Member 2

  1. Why SRCC is a brand? What can other colleges learn?
  2. Should we go away from exam based system?
  3. Less number of seats is also in UPSC, should we do away with it?
  4. What would you suggest yo Upsc to change?
  5. challenges you faced as house captain and what qualities do you think you still carry?

Member 3

  1. WHO data vs India’s claim
  2. Crypto – inevitable or risky?
  3. CBDC
  4. Has fintech really made a change in life of common people?

Member 4

  1. Insurance companies sell data? Is it bad?
  2. Driverless cars. How will the insurance be paid?
  3. Campus placements are there. Don’t you think entrepreneurship should be improved?
  4. Money vs wealth

Utility of mocks: you can learn mannerism; and some questions could be asked

Overall experience: no grilling, they were more interested in listening

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