[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #226 : M Sathiyavathy Board, Andhra Pradesh Home State, Anthropology Optional

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Date of Interview: 9th May forenoon, 2nd to go.
Board: M Sathiyavathy ma’am
Background: ECE NITW
Home State: Andhra Pradesh
Optional: Anthropology
Hobbies: Travelling, Badminton, reading books on emerging technologies and social impact.
Work ex: SanDisk Bangalore (2014-16)
Micron Hyderabad (2020-present)


Read my daf out .. education, workex , hobbies

  1. What is this reading books on emerging technologies and their social impact? What books did you read
  2. Block chain, FM said anonymity is bigger problem ..do you agree with it
  3. Different between bitcoin ethereum and cbdc
  4. Why some countries adopted crypto as legal currency, why India didnt adopt it
  5. Why gap between two jobs
  6. How did you manage to get a job after a gap of ~4 years. (said I have good domain knowledge and it’s a niche technology)
  7. Which technology you work on.

Member 1

  1. You are a DM and incharge of budgeting subsidies..how do your prioritise the allocation
  2. Which areas will you spend more
  3. So you think subsidies to industries are not beneficial
  4. How do you plan when you are short on budget.
  5. How do you improve connectivity to North east , apart from existing rcs schemes railways etc
  6. Don’t you think we have problems like illegal immigration if we open a way via Bangladesh.

Member 2

  1. You are from vizag..tell me about vizag
  2. Where are you staying these days (hyderabad)
  3. Tell me about hyderabad
  4. Recently there is an issue with contonment board and Telangana government
  5. What did Telangana govt (CM and IT minister ) doing to improve IT in hyderabad
  6. You stayed in Bangalore..where did you stay..how far is your office from there
  7. Traffic problems in Bengaluru and reasons, solutions.
  8. Connection of tippu sultan to Bengaluru
  9. Beaches in Visakhapatnam.
  10. 10.. What’s famous about RK beach..
  11. You have anthro optional, what’s Indus valley civilization
  12. What was the recent discovery
  13. How Harappan cities inspired modern Indian cities.

Member 3

  1. Heatwave..who declares and criteria
  2. Ukraine war and long term implications
  3. What’s GPS and it’s Indian version

Member 4

  1. What’s demographic dividend
  2. What’s the skill development framework in India
  3. What types of skills are needed for India
  4. How India should plan its energy mix in next 20 years.

(Some more questions i forgot)


All the best , you may leave.


Board is cordial..no interruptions.. few members asked good questions, that need us to think apply and answer.

Overall average interview..didn’t have major high points but didn’t do any great blunders.

On hindsight ,Could have done much better in some questions.

For major part, board members thought I’m from Telangana and asked questions from there, which took me by surprise..i tried my best to answer them..but..i wish I got questions from Andhra (which I’m thoroughly prepared)

Baaki..fate will decide.

Utility of mocks..

Helps in developing ability to sustain a conversation for 30-35 minutes..body language , tone etc

Almost all my offline mocks , common feed back was i was dull, not enthusiastic and energetic..

I had a solid double biriyani yesterday night..and slept for a good 8 hours. 😂

Energy wise and confidence, atleast i believe I’m far better today.

I thank this group for thier selfless work to aspirant community. You guys are gold.

I wish all my fellow aspirants all the very best. 🙂

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