[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #237 : TCA Anant Board, Statistics Optional, Uttar Pradesh Home State, Theatre, Urdu Poetry, OTT Hobbies

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Date of Interview: 5th April 2022
Board: TCA Anant
Hobbies: Theatre, Urdu Poetry, OTT
Home State: Uttar Pradesh
Optional: Statistics
Background: Graduate in Statistics from DU, PG in Statistics from IITB
Ex Associate Consultant KPMG


  1. You have been into corporate why do you wish to join civil services?
  2. Serving public is only possible for the first few jobs , not all services will be so close to public. How would you do it in those services?
  3. What kept you busy since 2018 apart from preparation?
  4. Tell us your preference of services in the DAF?
  5. You chose IFS as second preference. How would you apply statistics in IFS?
  6. What is Indias stance on Ukraine crisis?
  7. Why would the two parties accept India as a mediator?
  8. Which are the countries mediating in the crisis presently?
  9. Did you act or direct in theatre?
  10. What are the two branches of culture?
  11. What is the connection between tangible and intangible culture?
  12. Your salary, academic record is excellent, you are over qualified for IAS. Why do you wish to join this? Is it for the glamour?
  13. Everyone says we want to do public service. Why should we hire you? What is special in you?
  14. Statistics can lead as well as mislead. What do you think about it? NCRB data is being misused any idea?
  15. What is Moradabad famous for? Is the industry losing its strength? Is it causing some pollution?
  16. Recite your favourite shayri couplet?
  17. How will you use statistics in adminstration?
  18. How will you ensure that data remains intact?
  19. What is your opinion on the criminal procedure bill?
  20. What do you think about Big Techs misusing the data?
  21. How to protect the data from such Big Techs?
  22. How did Cambridge Analytica “manipulate” elections in US? ( i used the word manipulation in this context)
  23. Tell how will you ensure the well being of a backward place as a DM there?
  24. Is there any scheme for housing in rural areas?
  25. What is SECC? What is it used for?
  26. What are the issues of women security? How will you prioritise these issues in order?
  27. Do you know what is Panchayati raj? What do you think about it?

Overall okay experience. Questions were clear.

Advice: Read your DAF thoroughly and read only one Newspaper ( preferably IE) and revise the syllabus of polity, economy, environment on the topics you find floating in the daily news. For example, emergency in SL so read emergency provisions of India. IPCC report, so read Indias climate goals, difference between Adaptation Mitigation, Paris deal etc. RBI takes a stance, read the monetory policy tools. Connect the newspaper with Mains syllabus and brush up your knowledge with small bites of information. Also use data to substantiate your point .

Best of luck!

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