[UPSC Interview 2021] – Transcript #86 : RN. Choubey Board, Civil engineering Optional, IFS Service

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Date of Interview: (13th April 2022)
Board: RN. Choubey Sir
Optional: Civil engineering
Service: IFS
Background: NIT
Attempt: 3rd attempt 3rd interview


Started with typical choubey sir style…Asked me to be comfortable…if you don’t know something you can say no etc etc…told me to remove mask if I don’t have any COVID symptoms


  1. Tell me about yourself ?
  2. If you are posted in a naxalite affected area as an IPS. You are in a remote location where some naxalite have gathered and you have orders to nab everyone. No one should escape. When you go to a suspected naxalite gathering, suddenly one woman starts running. She is carrying a child. You appeal but she does not stop. Will you shoot at her or not?
  3. Suppose if she does not have that child. Then what will you do? Fire or not?

Member 1

  1. Questions on food inflation: causes etc (it was on first page of IE newspaper)
  2. Commodity price volatility e.g onions : discussion, causes, infra problems etc
  3. Which state produces onions the most?
  4. Hindi language : should we make it national language?

Member 2 : sequence of questions can not remember ( almost all are related to current affairs)

  1. Media trials : what? Does it affect judicial decisions or process?
  2. NGO and foreign funding : what to do? Tell me one NGO which has been hugely successful?
  3. RTI and impact : successful or not?
  4. Labour codes : why govt brought them? Why delay in implementation then?

Member 3

  1. Employment : unemployment reasons? youth why not employable? Main problem : lack of jobs or unemployability? For educational reforms which is more suitable ; private sector or government sector?

Member 4

  1. One factual question can’t remember
  2. Man animal conflict and pressure on land (open ended statement)
  3. As a nation are we moving from reading books ( listening to audiobooks : my hobby)
  4. Nayi roshni scheme?

Chairman: we had a great time talking to you. This is your time if you want to share something.

Mocks: didn’t give this time.

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