[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #190 : Preeti Sudan Board, Mathematics Optional, Delhi Home State, Blogging Hobby

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Date of Interview: 9 March forenoon session
Board: Preeti Sudan Mam
Background: B.E. in Information Technology
Home State: Delhi
Optional: Mathematics
School: DAV public school
Sports: Cricket
Leadership: Founding member of Axiom-Discourse society of Nsit
Hobbies: Blogging, Spending time in nearby Gaushalas and Temple, Practicing Yogic asanas and pranayama


1. Tell me something about River Yamuna.
2. Tell Yamuna River vis a vis Delhi.
3. Are you sure that Delhi gets its water need from Yamuna?
4. Why you go Gaushalas?
5. what more you get by going to Gaushalas apart from that?
6. Lot of opportunities and high paying jobs are there in IT then why not that, why civil services?

Member 1

(Mr. Manjeev singh puri – Former Ambassador to Nepal)…(Speaking in proper Hindi)

1. Tell me what is the issue of yamuna sutlej linking project?
(follow up on this for next 2-3 questions )
2. Tell me about women Cricket in India.
(follow up on this for next 2-3 questions )
3. He said that Cricket is the thing which unites each and every indian and even South Asian. So can we use Cricket as a medium to promote South Asian Unity?
(follow up on this for next 2-3 questions )

Member 2

1. Tell me something about DAV.
2. So you were taught something with respect to vedas and aryasamaj?
3. What is the contribution of DAV?
4. Is there any Contribution of DAV in our freedom struggle?
5. Have you ever feared Mathematic in your life?
6. You have IT as well as Maths, so which is more important?
7. How will you solve issue of your area technologically?
8. Issue of parking is there in your area..what would be its solution?
9. What is state of public transportation in your area?

Member 3

1. What motivates you to create new society Axiom?
2. Why it is named as Axiom?
3. Why it is named as Discourse?
(follow up on this for next 1-2 questions )
4. What other thing you do when you feel low apart from finding positivity in going Gaushalas?
5. what is Govt doing for Inland waterways?
6. Apart from tourism and transportation what is the use of inland waters?
7. Are you aware of a Country which have utilised there inland waters most effectively?

Member 4

1. Which school of Yoga you do?
2. From where you learn Yoga?
3. Tell something about Indus Water Treaty.
4. why you are using Ravi , Beas , Chenab in Indus River Treaty?
5. Why India have calling for renegotiation of Indus Water Treaty?
6. Do you know about Highest bridge in the world constructed in J&K?
7. How many Gaushalas are there in your area?
8. Who own lands of Gaushalas in Urban areas?
9. River gives us many things but what we have given to Rivers?(I was thinking on this question but before that sir continued as)
10. we have given them Pollution
11. (One more question i am not able to recall.)

Chairperson: Thank you Beta, All the Best

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