[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #218 : Preeti Sudan Board, PSIR Optional, Madhya Pradesh Home State, poetry, painting

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Date of Interview: 15th March 2023, Forenoon session, last to go
Board: Preeti Sudan mam
Optional: PSIR
Home State: Madhya Pradesh
Hobbies: writing poetry, painting, watching kdramas


1. You have an interesting hobby. In which language do you write poems?
2. What was the last poem that you wrote? What’s that about?
3. Can you recite a few lines of it?
4. Great. Do you publish it anywhere or just keep it to yourself?
5. Tell us something about Ujjain?
6. What purpose would the Mahakal corridor serve?

Member 1

1. What are the causes of the rise in cases of child sexual abuse in Madhya Pradesh?
2. What is being done to prevent it?
3. Provisions of the pocso act?
4. Status of its implementation in M.P.
5. What would you do to prevent such unfortunate incidents as a DM?
6. Have you heard about children in conflict with law?

Member 2

1. Monologue on drug abuse and the dismal state of de-addiction centers in India.
If your friend consumes drugs, what would you do on a personal level to prevent it?

2. What is hedging?
3. How does India maintain a sound relationship with opposing powers at the global level?
3. Which global events are impacting India the most?
4. Which border dispute must be resolved first? ( I said, Indo china, but he remarked that considering the power asymmetry, Indo-pak must be resolved first)
5. Why is the border dispute with China so difficult to resolve?
6. What made you enroll in a self-defense training course?
7. Why do you watch k dramas? What’s so appealing about them?
8. Do you also watch Korean movies? What was the last movie that you watched? ( he suggested watching some Korean movies )

Member 3

1. Which crops are grown in the malwa region?
2. Can anyone grow opium in their fields?
3. Which govt authority approves the area where opium has to be cultivated?
4. Have you seen the flowers of the opium plant? What’s it used for?

Member 4

1. Who was VS Wakankar?
2. Have you visited Bhimbetka caves?
3. What was the theme of the painting that you made?
4. How would you improve the status of girls’ education in a socially backward area as a DM?
5. A school building had to be constructed in a rural area. You have to drop suggestions about the layout of the building. What things would you like to add to a building?

6. You were born at the beginning of the century, how do you feel about it?

7. Do you see any difference between the ones born before and after 2000?

Chairperson: thank you, your interview is over.

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