[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #305 : Manoj Soni Board, Economics Optional

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Date of Interview: 24/4/23
Board: Manoj Soni Sir
Optional: Economics
Profile: IRS (C&IT), ex-Data Scientist, IIT Delhi
DAF Keywords: Documentary movies
Time: 35 mins


1. You have worked in private sector before joining the government, what 1 or 2 learnings you want to bring to government sector?
2. Do you think hierarchy is too strict in government and should it be changed?
3. How are different countries regulating data?
4. Monologue about AI, in your view is the impact of AI?
5. What are some threats by AI towards national security?

Member 1

1. Which Indian documentary movie won Oscar recently?
2. Will AI lead to reduction in jobs?
3. What is prompt engineering?
4. How AI will help robots to improve efficiency?
5. What is the status of 3d printing technology in India?

Member 2

1. What are the reasons for high number of farmer suicides?
2. What percentage of rural area covered by institutional credit?
3. Any provision or legislation to regulate moneylenders in villages that charge exorbitant interest rates?
4. Do you agree with the statement – “Moneylenders are dangerous necessity”?
5. What is law of diminishing returns in economics?

Member 3

1. You have taken a large paycut by coming to government sector, don’t you think it is not such a wise decision financially?
2. Why tax base low in India?
3. How to increase tax base and reduce evasion of taxes?
4. Shall we integrate both the services IRS IT and IRS C&IT for more seamless taxation system?

Member 4

1. Differentiate between profit and profiteering?
2. Tell exact definition of profiteering in GST law?
3. Tax department has introduced faceless system. Explain what is it with positives and negatives.
4. What provision of law would you apply if a business is levying additional tax than prescribed?

Thank you. Your interview is over

Experience – Quite serious but engaging interview. Too many questions from a single theme (Data, taxation). Board gave proper time to express. They do listen intently and a lot of questions are follow up to keywords or examples that one gives.

Suggestion – Please give mocks or talk to friends to improve articulation. Confidence is really the key!

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