[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #325 : M Sathiyavathy Board, Sociology Optional, Budget Traveling Hobby

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Date of Interview: 2nd May
Board: M Sathiyavathy Mam
Optional: Sociology
DAF: Economics (H), budget Traveling ( other things not asked)


  1. What is budget traveling?
  2. Discussion on difference between bagpackers and budget travellers.
  3. 1 celebrity and place where you would go. (Mansarovar yatra with sadguru ji)
  4. Why mansarovar
  5. Why with sadguru
  6. Discussion of ‘guru ji’ culture and issues associated with that

Member 1

  1. What qualities you have that made you miss Bhopal.
  2. What are the ethical questions asked in the competition.
  3. China India relation
  4. Israel protest

Member 2

  1. SEZ are different countries in a country
  2. What are policy measure required for business
    License Raj
  3. Regulation and inspection shall be there or not
  4. Road accidents – why , solutions

Member 3

  1. Miss World vs miss universe.
  2. Women register less cases because of police behaviour – why less cases are registered and what are the solutions.
  3. Chanderi vs maheshwari saree

Member 4

  1. Indian thinkers of sociology ,their books
  2. Sanskritisation
  3. Any caste that faced sanskritisation
  4. Why not ips

(I might be forgetting few questions)

Mocks- chanakya mandal parivar, chahal, vajirao are good. O2O session with Utkarsh sir, Ravindran sir and Khan sir has been very fruitful.
Themes largely repeated from the mocks as well as few questions.

Interview experience – poker faced members, can’t really predict anything. However, no cross questions or grilling. It felt like a conversation and not an q&a round.

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