[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #54 : Lt. Gen. Raj Shukla Board, PSIR Optional, KICKBOXING sports Hobbies

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Board: Lt. Gen. Raj Shukla (Retd.)
Optional: PSIR
Your experience in interview-
It was very cordial, it’s difficult to say what they are thinking about our answers 😅😅 very neutral emotions of panel.

Interview time -30 min
5th to go in afternoon session.

Wished Good afternoon Ma’am, Good afternoon Sir.
Chairman Sir told me to sit,
I said thank you Sir.



CH- International relations is your Optional?
CH-I was waiting for you I had one question for you I wanted to ask a person from IR, 😅 ( he was asking questions in Hindi as well as English)

  1. How technology is interlinked with IR?
  2. What is 5G?
  3. how it will affect USA and UK?
  4. do you know about Russia-Ukraine war how Ukraine is sustaining this war?
  5. do you know about killing of terrorist in Pakistan by USA using missile technology used in that operation? Tell me technology used by USA in that operation?
  6. what is your hobby?
  7. which style you practice in swimming?
  8. Why India not performing well?
  9. Why Western countries getting so many medals?
  10. What India needs to do?
  11. Western coach or Indian coach which you prefer why?
  12. Even after reliance supported the football league India is not in world cup why?

Member 2

  1. is absence of career in SPORTS discouraging parents to encourage their children’s participation in sports?
  2. has IPL helped cricket ad sports n how?
  3. is there any other sports where league is played?
  4. have you heard about mission karmayogi? What is it?
  5. what is the meaning of “rules based to roles based” governance?
  6. what is iGOT platform? Further questions on it..

Member 3

  1. There was recently news about police inspector killing the minister in Odisha,
  2. what are the reasons for such incidents?
  3. (Talked about mental health, regular checkups)
  4. is it possible to check mental health of all police personal?
    (Police going through lot of stress there is lack of HR in police etc problems)
  5. even UP has 350000 police personnel that’s huge number then why it’s happening that they are overburdened?
  6. why police personal are not concerned about people’s problems? Why people fear to approach police?
  7. your optional PSIR which thinker you like most? Further questions regarding their concepts.
  8. Your district is draught prone so tell me what government is doing? And what has been it’s impact?
    (Told about scheme names n measures)
  9. what is infrastructure under MGNREGA?
  10. What has been it’s impact?
  11. what measures do you suggest?

Member 4 & 5

  1. (Both focused on mostly Pakistan issue from all the perspective)
  2. Pakistan going through crisis good or bad for india?
    (Talked about South Asia instability also)
  3. the way India helped Srilanka Should India help Pakistan?
  4. should India ask in return?
  5. Why Pakistan not asking any help to China?
  6. what big investment China is doing in Pakistan?
  7. What India doing nearby Gwadar Port?
  8. what if Pakistan is not ready to talk? N wants India to go back on ARTICLE 370?
  9. issues between India and Pakistan?
  10. what are other options India have if Pakistan not ready to talk? N there are no direct talks?
  11. you are civil engineer so tell me like it’s plumb Bob for checking verticality in one two storey building similarly for 150 storey building what is used?

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