UPSC Mains Anthropology Optional Questions – Test 10

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Test 10 : Anthropology Optional Mains Marathon



  1. Write a short note on the impact of Forest rights act on the Scheduled Tribes.
  2. Briefly discuss the impact of Buddhism on Indian tribal societies with examples.
  3. Write a short note on Pseudo-tribalism.
  4. Explain the role of anthropology in understanding the problem of regionalism in India.
  5. Write a short note on Tribal Panchasheel. Comment on its relevance today.
  6. Write a note on various constitutional safeguards provided for Scheduled Tribes in India.
  7. What do you mean by Ethnicity? Examine the factors contributing for the rise of ethnic movements in India.
  8. Write a short note on Tribal Sub Plan
  9. Critically comment on the impact of NGO’s in the socio cultural life of hill tribes of India.
  10. Discuss the problem of displacement and rehabilitation in tribes of India. Briefly bring out ideal principles to be followed in a rehabilitation policy.
  11. Briefly discuss the impact of modern political institutions and election mechanism on Tribal political systems.
  12. Explain the impact of Islam across different tribes of India.
  13. What are the major threats to National integration in India? Explain giving examples.
  14. What are the major features of PESA act for scheduled areas? Explain the importance of gramsabhas.
  15. Discuss the role of anthropology in rural development of India.
  16. What do you mean by PVTG? Explain various schemes, programmes for the development of Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups.
  17. Briefly discuss the problem of shifting cultivation among tribes in India.
  18. Bring out the evolution of Tribal revolts in post independent India.
  19. Explain the impact of modern democratic institutions and developmental programmes on the status of tribal women in the family.
  20. Examine the different stages of evolution of tribal administration in India from British period.

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