[Video] IAS Topper Rank 43 Harsh General Studies Strategy and How to crack IAS in first attempt at age 22

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Harsh had scored 43rd rank in Civil Services with 413 marks in GS and 145 in the Essay. In this video, Harsh shares his strategy for 400+ marks and 145 in Essay at the ForumIAS Community Meet. He cracked the exam at 22! He did not take any coaching.

This video is important because for all the serious aspirants, scoring well in GS is the most strategic thing to achieve  – if one wants to get a good rank and final selection.

Gist of the Speech

• Use of ForumIAS Threads while preparation & other queries: Both for mains and prelims preparation.
Answer writing is most important. Just reading books would not help. Start answer writing immediately.
• Focus more an writing, rather than reading/studying.
• Ultimately, you have to go and write the exam. What you finally write in the exam hall is important.
• GS pattern has become very dynamic.
• Topics related to contemporary issues are important.
• Focus mainly on Currents Affairs for mains, especially for the dynamic part. GS – 2 and GS – 3 is mainly dynamic.
• The Aim should be to complete a topic in minimum time with maximum output, so that one can solve most of the questions from the topic.
• ForumIAS Sharing Notes Thread helped a lot.
• Get a general idea on most relevant topics.
• Think in different dimensions while writing the answers.
• Try to know at least 3-4 important points on every topic – current or dynamic.
• Watch Rajya Sabha TV debates(if possible). As it is a visual medium . it helps remember better.
• Don’t become an academician or do PhD on a topic.
• ‘Keywords‘ are important. Expand the keywords in exam.
• Try to put maximum number of points in answers.
• Always put a positive conclusion. Have an optimistic outlook and end the answers on a positive note.
• Start answer writing. Now! Start immediately. Answer writing is very important.
• Try to get hold of the structure of an answer. It comes with answer writing practice.
• Write on different dimensions.
Write answers regularly. Post/ upload them in ForumIAS.
Forget the past! Do not think about the future. And, start preparing seriously. Present. Now is very important.

ForumIAS was the only website I referred to during my preparation time“, says the Topper.

Ultimately, while practicing answers or writing test series, it comes down to writing those answers about which we haven’t heard.

Marksheet of Harsh


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