What AIIMS Server “Hijack” tells Us About Cyber Security

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Source: The post is based on the article “What AIIMS Server “Hijack” Tells Us About Cyber Security” published in The Times of India on 14th December 2022.

Syllabus: GS 3 – Security

Relevance: concerns with the ransomware attacks

News: There was a ransomware attack on the servers of AIIMS recently. This attack has raised concerns over the safety of citizen’s personal data stored online in Aadhaar database.

What is a ransomware attack?

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What are the concerns?

Ransomware attacks have been increasing these days. The efforts of moving India into Digital India raise concerns after looking at the current cyber-attack on the AIIMs and that also without a comprehensive cyber security plan.

Further, the Aadhaar database which contains the information of citizens online is also vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

GoI and the state governments proceeded to adopt Aadhaar-based technology despite the Supreme Court ruling against making Aadhaar registration mandatory.

Today, Aadhaar is used at various places and it has been made mandatory for availing various services. This increases the risk of getting exposed to any such cyber-attacks in the future even though the government argues that it is safe.

What is the way ahead?

There is a need for establishing a Cyber Security Board with the government and private sector as participants.

This board should have the authority to recommend and strategize the plan for keeping the government’s data safe online and prevent any future cyber-attacks.

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