What is Lone-Actor Terrorism?

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  • A continuum of connections to likeminded extremists and lone-actors getting involved in varying level of communication and affiliations.
  • Re-examine the concept of lone-actor terrorism, as there is always a foreign terrorist organization connection with such an attack carried.
  • Lone-actor terrorism may or may not have any remote that is controlling them but there always remain a grey area.
  • The question that becomes a matter of importance is when and where does the contact and control begins.
  • Government fails to get hold of any lone-attacker as they commonly belong to the origin of the state. There is no record howsoever of any terrorist travelling across to carry an attack.
  • Since the target has shifted from high-leveled security area to soft targets, lone-attackers are deemed perfect by the masterminds.
  • Vehicles like Vans, trucks, a small gun can be carried easily to any public place, the attacks are unforeseen and therefore the panic and casualty is more.
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