Year End Review: Ministry of Tourism

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Source: The post is based on the articleYear End Review: Ministry of Tourismpublished in PIB on 23rd December 2022

What is the News?

The Ministry of Tourism has launched several initiatives and schemes in 2022.

What are the schemes and initiatives launched by the Ministry of Tourism in 2022?

National Digital Tourism Mission(NDTM): It aims to connect stakeholders in the tourism eco-system digitally along the same lines as the National Health Mission. Digitalization is key to bring tourism activities under a unified system and thereby enhance the competitiveness of the Hospitality & Tourism sector.

National Summit on Developing Sustainable & Responsible Tourist Destinations:

– Organized by: Ministry of Tourism in partnership with the United Environment Program (UNEP) and Responsible Tourism Society of India (RTSOI) 

– At the summit, the Ministry of Tourism launched the National Strategy for Sustainable Tourism and Responsible Traveller Campaign. 

– The Strategy document has identified the strategic pillars for the development of sustainable tourism like 1) Promoting Environmental Sustainability, 2) Protecting Biodiversity, 3) Promoting Economic Sustainability, 4) Promoting Socio-Cultural Sustainability, 5) Scheme for Certification of Sustainable Tourism and 6) IEC and Capacity Building and Governance. 

YUVA Tourism Clubs: The vision of establishing YUVA Tourism Clubs is to nurture and develop young ambassadors of Indian tourism who would become aware of tourism possibilities in India, appreciate our rich cultural heritage and develop an interest and passion for tourism. 

National Integrated Database of Hospitality Industry(NIDHI+)

Setup by: Ministry of Tourism

Aim: To facilitate digitalization and promote ease of doing business for the hospitality & tourism sector. 

– It provides a clear picture on the geographical spread of the Hospitality & Tourism Sector, its size, structure and existing capacity so as to offer relevant services to the industry like showcasing, Star Classification etc.

– This initiative is being upgraded as NIDHI+ to have more inclusivity that is of not only Accommodation Units but also Travel agents, Tour Operators, Tourist Transport Operators, Food & Beverage Units, Online Travel Aggregators Convention Centres and tourist Facilitators. 

Loan Guarantee Scheme for Covid Affected Tourism Service Sector(LGSCATSS): Under this scheme, working capital/personal loans were provided to people in the tourism sector to discharge liabilities and restart businesses impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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