2nd Employment Working Group (EWG)

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Source-This post on Employment Working Group (EWG) 2023  is based on the article “India At G20 2nd Employment Working Group Meeting At Brasilia” published in “PIB” on 27th March 2024.

Why in the News?

Recently, the 2nd Employment Working Group (EWG) Meeting held under the Brazilian Presidency in Brasilia.

About 2nd Employment Working Group (EWG)

2nd Employment Working Group (EWG) meeting
Source: DDNEWS

1. It was held under the Brazilian Presidency in Brasilia. 

2. India is co-chairing the 2nd EWG meeting, along with Brazil and South Africa.

3. The G20 EWG’s mandate is to address labour, employment and social issues for strong, sustainable, balanced and job-rich growth for all.

4. The focus areas for the 2nd EWG meeting is on:

(i) creating quality employment and promoting decent labor

(ii) addressing a just transition amidst digital and energy transformations

(iii) leveraging technologies to enhance the quality of life for all

(iv) emphasis on gender equity and promoting diversity in the world of employment for inclusivity, driving innovation and growth.

5. The Indian delegation emphasized the need for:

(i) gender equality in the workplace and beyond

(ii) steps taken for migrant workers

(iii) promoting reemployment of senior citizens

(iv) participation in the work force of the differently abled and the marginalised.

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