A study on “effectiveness of vaccines” found more anti-bodies from Covishield

What is the news?

A study was conducted by the healthcare workers (HCW) in India to understand the effectiveness of vaccines in India.

About the effectiveness of vaccines:
  • The study involved 515 healthcare workers from 13 states and 22 cities, 305 male of whom were male.
  • These healthcare workers have been administered either of the two vaccines, Covishield and Covaxin. Further, they are chosen with or without a past history of Covid-19 infection.

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Key Findings regarding the effectiveness of vaccines:
  • Higher Seropositivity: Among the 515 healthcare workers, 95% showed seropositivity (higher antibodies) after two doses of both vaccines.
    • Seropositivity: It refers to the presence of specific antibodies in an individual.
  • Higher Antibodies: Covishield vaccine has produced more antibodies than the Covaxin doses.
    • Antibody: It is a protein produced by the body’s immune system when it detects harmful substances called antigens.
  • Breakthrough infections: A total of 27 breakthrough infections (4.9%) were recorded among the respondents. However, there were relatively fewer instances of ‘breakthrough infections’ after taking Covaxin than Covishield.
    • Breakthrough infection: It is a case of illness in which a vaccinated individual becomes sick from the same disease for which the vaccine was administered.
  • Side Effects: There were mild to moderate adverse events associated with both the vaccines, but there were no serious side effects observed during the study.

Source: The Hindu

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