[Answered] Analyze the significance of creating state-of-the-art sports infrastructure and nurturing talent at the grassroots level for achieving excellence in sports. Illustrate with examples from the recent developments under the Khelo India initiative.

Introduction: Contextual Introduction

Body: Highlight the significance of creating sports infrastructure in India

Conclusion: Way forward

Khelo India Programme was introduced by the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs to revive sports culture in India at the grassroots level. The objective of the program is to build a strong framework for all sports played in our country and establish India as a great sporting nation.

Significance of creating state of art sports infrastructure

  • Access to High-Quality Infrastructure: Athletes can train efficiently and perform at a high level because of modern sports infrastructure. World-class sports complexes and training facilities, such as the Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range in New Delhi and the Khelo India University Games Complex in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, have been built as a result of the Khelo India program. More than 300 sports infrastructure projects have been approved in 34 States/UT at a cost of more than ₹3,000 crore.
  • Promotion of Indigenous Sports: The goal of the Khelo India initiative is to raise awareness of indigenous sports in each Indian district. Yogasana, Gatka, Mallakhamba, Silambam, Kalaripayattu & Thang-Ta are a few of them.
  • Capacity building of states: Recently Khelo India Youth Games in Chennai, Ladakh hosted the Khelo India Winter Games, & University Games were held across seven north-eastern States is aimed at spreading the good word on sports and boosting capacity-building in all the States to stage sporting events of importance.
  • Women Participation: With a commitment to gender equality in sports, the Khelo India initiative has achieved near parity in male and female athlete participation across its games. The Asmita Khelo India Women’s League has seen over 63,000 female athletes competing in 520 events across 21 sports.
  • Nurturing Future Talent: Investing in grassroots talent is crucial for identifying and nurturing future champions. Through youth development programs, talent identification schemes, and school sports leagues, nations can uncover young athletes with potential and offer them the support needed to thrive. The Khelo India School Games, part of the Khelo India initiative, provides a platform for budding athletes to display their skills and gain government recognition and assistance.


The Khelo India initiative stands as a central pillar of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for a vibrant nation. With 65% of the population below the age of 35, India is a youthful country, and sports serves as a unifying force, fostering cohesion among its diverse populace.

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