[Answered] Critically assess India’s preparedness in terms of infrastructure and logistics to host large-scale international sporting events like the Olympics.

Introduction: Give brief context to the question

Body: Assess India’s preparedness in terms of infrastructure and logistics

Conclusion: Way forward

Recently, PM Modi declared India’s intention to host the Olympic Games, preferably in 2036, & Youth Olympics in 2029 which will make India part of an elite club of nations like China, South Korea, and Japan to have hosted the games in Asia. India’s preparedness to host large-scale international sporting events like the Olympics involves a critical assessment of its infrastructure and logistics.

Preparedness in terms of infrastructure and logistics

  • Sports Facilities: India has made investments in several sports facilities, especially for cricket. But more work needs to be done on improving the infrastructure for Olympic sports like gymnastics, swimming, and athletics.
  • Accommodations: Good lodging close to athletic arenas is severely lacking throughout the nation. Major cities offer a limited selection of more affordable hotels despite the presence of luxury hotels.
  • Transportation: The infrastructure for transportation in India is frequently overworked and clogged. There are large regional differences in the state of the roads and public transit. While smaller cities might not have the required infrastructure, major cities often have airports with worldwide access.
  • Visa and Immigration: It is imperative to streamline India’s complex visa and immigration procedures for foreign attendees and participants.
  • Customs and Import Rules: To prevent delays and issues, it is imperative to streamline customs and import rules for sports items and equipment.
  • Medical Services: During athletic events, adequate emergency response systems and medical facilities are crucial. India’s healthcare industry is expanding, but there’s a chance that rural areas lack the facilities they need.


  • Bureaucracy: The slow and onerous bureaucracy in India might make it difficult to arrange and carry out such events effectively.
  • Finances: It takes a lot of money to host international events, which puts pressure on public coffers and resources.
  • Political and Social Issues: Political conditions in India can be unstable, and social issues might cause problems with planning or running an event.
  • Environmental Issues: Pollution is one of India’s environmental problems, which can affect athletes’ health and tourists’ overall experiences.
  • Legacy Planning: It is crucial to make sure that the infrastructure built for the event is properly utilized and maintained following it.


Given its size, culture, and sports history, India has the potential to host major international sporting events like the Olympics. However, this will require significant financial outlays, effective planning, and the collaboration of multiple stakeholders. To be a competitive host for major sporting events, India must also focus on developing grassroots sports, increasing athlete friendliness, and enhancing the country’s overall sports culture.

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