[Answered] Discuss the correlation between women’s representation in parliaments and police forces with the safety and protection of women’s interests, citing examples from international scenarios.

Introduction: Give brief context to the question

Body: Highlight the correlation between political representation & law enforcement with international examples

Conclusion: Way forward

The relationship between the safety and defense of women’s rights in India and the representation of women in legislatures and law enforcement is a complicated and multidimensional topic. There is evidence to imply that the increased presence of women in law enforcement and political institutions can improve women’s safety and interest protection, even though a direct causal relationship is difficult to establish.

Correlation between Political representation & law enforcement

  • More women in Legislature: Increased representation of women in parliament could lead to the development and implementation of laws that prioritize the rights, safety, and interests of women. For example, the implementation of a 33% reservation policy for women in local government organizations has resulted in a notable rise in the involvement of women in grassroots politics.
  • Legal reforms: Legal measures aimed at enhancing women’s safety and protection can be spearheaded by female parliamentarians. More stringent legislation prohibiting crimes against women, domestic abuse, and sexual harassment can be promoted by them. As an illustration, Rwanda has the greatest proportion of female lawmakers and has passed several innovative laws combating violence against women.
  • Gender-sensitive policing: Gender-sensitive policing may increase when there are more women in law enforcement. When it comes to the needs and worries of female victims and survivors of abuse, female cops may be more understanding.

International examples

  • Nordic nations: The police forces of both countries have a significant degree of gender diversity. A more gender-sensitive approach to handling cases of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and other crimes based on gender has been associated with this variety.
  • United Kingdom: The United Kingdom has implemented measures to enhance the proportion of female officers in its police forces. This program has enhanced how gender-based offenses are handled by the police while also encouraging a more welcoming workplace culture.
  • Rwanda: Rwanda is often cited as an example of a country with a high level of women’s representation in parliament close to 61%. After the genocide in 1994, the government actively encouraged women’s participation in politics. This increased representation has led to legal and policy changes that have enhanced women’s safety and protection.


The passage of the women’s reservation bill providing one-third reservation in legislatures should be accompanied by similar steps in law enforcement particularly the policing system which will play a significant role in decision-making and law enforcement, further leading to a greater likelihood of policies, laws, and practices that prioritize the safety and protection of women in society

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