[Answered] Discuss the significance of the New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration adopted at the G-20 under India’s presidency in promoting gender equity and equality. How does it reflect on India’s commitment to women-led development and socio-economic empowerment?

Introduction: Give a brief context to the question

Body: Highlight the significance of the declaration and its effect on women-led development.

Conclusion: Way forward

The New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration adopted at the G-20 under India’s presidency holds significant importance in promoting gender equity and equality on both national and global scales. The declaration reflects India’s commitment to fostering women-led development and socio-economic empowerment through various policy measures and initiatives.

Significance of declaration

  • Policy Framework: The declaration probably delineates an all-encompassing policy framework to advance gender parity in a range of domains, including education, healthcare, work, and entrepreneurship. It can entail pledges to pass and uphold legislation safeguarding women’s rights and promoting equal chances.
  • Economic Empowerment: India, a country with a fast-growing economy, understands how important it is for women to propel economic expansion. The proclamation might stress how crucial it is to support women in entrepreneurship, the workforce, and leadership roles. This could entail taking steps to give women-owned businesses better access to funding, education, and assistance.
  • Focus areas: It specifically mentions key areas requiring action, including closing the digital gender gap, promoting women’s entrepreneurship, and addressing gender-based violence.

Reflection on India’s commitment

  • Mixed signals: India has supported internal efforts to promote gender equality, yet it still ranks poorly in international indices of gender equality.
  • Supporting particular areas: India’s emphasis on women’s entrepreneurship and the digital gender gap is in line with the Declaration, although more extensive action is required.
  • Implementation: Stronger domestic execution is required if India is to genuinely empower women at home. This can be achieved by translating its global commitments into stronger domestic policies and investments.
  • Global Collaboration: The G-20 platform provides an opportunity for India to collaborate with other countries and international organizations in advancing the agenda of gender equity and equality. The declaration may underscore the importance of international cooperation and exchange of best practices in this regard.


This presents an opportunity for industry worldwide to share some of the strategies we have created to promote women’s entry and advancement in the workforce; invest in successful programs and initiatives and help them scale up; and collaborate to make inclusion a topic of discussion in the business community. Additionally, it’s a chance to collaborate with the international community of business, academia, and investors to create solutions that will strengthen our commitment to promoting women’s leadership and engagement in the economy by giving them better access to economic, health, and educational opportunities.

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