[Answered] Evaluate the importance of connectivity and trade initiatives between India and Bangladesh in enhancing bilateral relations and regional stability.

Introduction: Contextual Introduction

Body: Highlight the importance of trade and connectivity in enhancing bilateral relations

Conclusion: Way forward

Over the past ten years, Prime Ministers Sheikh Hasina and Narendra Modi have been unwavering in their efforts to strengthen the bilateral ties between Delhi and Dhaka and transform India and Bangladesh into valued allies.

Enhancing Bilateral Relations

  • Increased Trade: Improved infrastructure like roads, railways, and waterways reduces transportation costs and time, leading to a surge in bilateral trade. This benefits businesses and consumers in both countries.
  • Mutual Cooperation: Working together on infrastructure projects fosters trust and cooperation between the two countries. This can lead to collaboration on other issues like security and water resource management.
  • Reduced Tensions: Trade and economic interdependence create a disincentive for conflict. Both nations benefit from a peaceful environment for trade to flourish.
  • Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA): Initiating negotiations on CEPA signifies a commitment to deepening economic ties, promoting free trade, and leveraging each other’s economic strengths.

Promoting Regional Stability

  • Sub-regional Integration: The transformation of the India-Bangladesh economic relationship supports the integration of the eastern Subcontinent and the Bay of Bengal region, promoting regional stability through economic interdependence.
  • Defence Modernization and Cooperation: Modernizing the bilateral defense relationship, including defense industrial partnerships and collaboration between armed forces, strengthens regional security frameworks.
  • Collective Interests of the Global South: Expanded regional and international collaboration helps advocate for the interests of the Global South, fostering a cooperative global environment.
  • Shared Vision for the Future: The commitment to resolving issues like river water management and focusing on future potential indicates a forward-looking approach to bilateral and regional challenges.


Connectivity and trade initiatives between India and Bangladesh are vital for enhancing bilateral relations and ensuring regional stability. By focusing on unfinished connectivity agendas, initiating comprehensive economic partnerships, and modernizing defense cooperation, both countries are setting a strong foundation for economic growth, security, and regional integration.

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