[Answered] HECI (Higher Education Commission of India) can play a transformative role in making India’s higher education an abundant ground for inventive ideas, reinforcing all of India’s initiatives to build institutes of excellence. Elaborate

Introduction: Contextual introduction.
Body: Explain how HECI (Higher Education Commission of India) can
play a transformative role in India’s higher education.
Conclusion: Write a way forward.

The National Education Policy 2020 envisages the Higher Education Commission of India (HECI) as the regulator for higher education, with four verticals for regulation, accreditation, funding, and academic standard setting. Each of them will function in an autonomous mode but in a coordinated manner. The HECI is supposed to replace the University Grants Commission (a statutory body) which has been responsible for the maintenance of the standard of higher education in India.

HECI can play a transformative role in India’s higher education in following manner:

  • All degree-awarding institutions are expected to be guided by HECI by holistically harmonising multiple higher education disciplines, irrespective of which council or regulator managed them earlier.
  • The grant functions would be carried out by the HRD Ministry, and the HECI would focus only on academic matters.
  • The HECI encourages public disclosures by specifying the various parameters of the academic outcomes and the academic performance by all the higher educational institutions.
  • HECI is tasked with the mandate of improving academic standards with specific focus on learning outcomes, evaluation of academic performance by institutions, mentoring of institutions, training of teachers, promote use of educational technology etc.
  • HECI will make the regulation of higher education institutions will be more transparent.
  • By harnessing the potential of collaborative efforts, HECI can usher in a contemporary, streamlined regulatory approach involving all relevant regulatory bodies and stakeholders.
  • HECI will holistically integrate multiple higher education disciplines in all degree providing colleges.
  • The use of the Academic Bank of Credits by all educational institutions will provide mobility for students to move from one institution to another or migrate from one discipline to another.

National Education Policy, 2020 also argues for a ‘light but tight’ regulatory framework. The function of HECI must be transparent, open to take suggestions and feedback, practise regulatory self-restraint and intervene only when there is necessity for intervention.

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