APAAR: All you need to know about this ‘One Nation, One ID’ to be rolled out for students

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Source: The post is based on the article “APAAR: All you need to know about this ‘One Nation, One ID’ to be rolled out for students” published in “TOI” on 20th October 2023

What is the News?

The Union Education Ministry has introduced the concept of ‘One Nation, One Student ID’ referred to as APAAR ID.

This concept is in alignment with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.The policy aims to create unique ID numbers for school students across India.

What is APAAR?

Source: TOI

APAAR stands for ‘Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry’.

It is a 12 digit digital identification system for school students in India.It will give each student enrolled from pre-primary to higher education a unique identification number.

It will digitally store academic qualifications, credit scores, certificates, and other academic data of students.

How can students enroll in APAAR?

The enrolment process will be carried out by the school, with the consent of the students parents.

The parents can withdraw their consent at any given point in time. 

The data will be shared only with concerned government agencies if and when required. 

The data collected on each student by the schools will be stored in a centrally functioning District Information for Education portal.

What are the benefits of APAAR for students?

APAAR is like a lifelong ID that helps you keep track of your school journey and achievements.

You can store your exam results, what you’ve learned and even your extra accomplishments like Olympiad rankings or receiving specialized skill training

It also makes switching schools easier because all the documents for admission are in one place.

What are the challenges with APAAR ID?

Data Security Worries: Because of past issues with Aadhaar data security, people are worried about the safety of their information with APAAR.

Extra Work for Schools: Schools are already dealing with verifying Aadhaar details for students.Adding APAAR registration can make things more complicated for teachers and staff.

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