Bill: Ease green card cap on STEM students

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  1. The US Democratic Party senators have introduced a bill called “Keep STEM Talent Act of 2019”.
  2. The bill aims at removing unfair barriers for science, technology, engineering and maths-educated international students who want to work in the US after completing their degrees.
  3. The bill provides that STEM graduates could obtain green card if two conditions are met.First, he or she has to obtain a job offer or employment from a US employer in a field related to his/her degree.The pay for this position should be above the media wage level in that particular geographic area
  4. Second, the concerned employer must have obtained an approved labor certification for this job position.This certificate requires the Secretary of Labor to determine and certify that no qualified US workers are available for the position and that the wages and working conditions of US workers are  not adversely affected by the hiring of the foreign worker.
  5. US issues 1.40 lakh employment based green cards annually.However, not more than 7% can go to nationals of any one country.With a high influx of the Indian diaspora in the US,it has resulted in a heavy backlog.
  6. Further,a recent study has shown that due to per-country limit for a green card and the heavy influx of the Indian diaspora in the US,Indians with advanced degrees have to wait for Green card as high as 151 years.
  7. Green Card is an identification card which gives one the status of a permanent resident along with legal rights to work in the USA.

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