DARK NET, a deep hideous space

ForumIAS announcing GS Foundation Program for UPSC CSE 2025-26 from 26th June. Click Here for more information.

  • A small part of the deep web (things that your typical search engine can’t find like government databases, libraries).
  • An anonymous internet, the contents are not accessible through search engines.
  • Both the web surfers and website publishers are entirely anonymous and can be achieved by Onion network.
  • Used by Activists and revolutionaries to organize themselves without fear of giving away their position to governments they oppose. It also means that terrorists use it for the same reason.
  • Terrorists who are using Dark Net is doing so to provide information to fellow terrorists, to recruit and radicalize, to spread propaganda, to raise funds, and to coordinate actions and attacks.
  • Terrorists also uses the Dark Net for illegal purchase of explosives and weapons, suing virtual currencies like Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.
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