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The 50th Edition of the EPIC Magazine is here!

The Focus Article of EPIC June 2024 covers the issue of Demand of Special Category Status by States. The result of General Election 2024 has been declared. A new coalition Government is in power. The coalition partners in the new Government have demanded Special Category Status for their States (Bihar and Andhra Pradesh). Several States have been demanding the status citing multiple handicaps faced by them including development deficit, resource crunch, or pressure of population. The benefits of Special Category Status have reduced considerably after the implementation of the recommendations of the Fourteenth Finance Commission, yet these States continue to enjoy funding benefits for Centrally-Sponsored Schemes besides other tax exemptions. The continuous demand of the Special Status is also symptomatic of the asymmetric fiscal federalism making State Governments more and more dependent on the Centre. We have covered the issue and the associated aspects in detail.

Other key articles covered in EPIC June 2024 include Political Empowerment of Women in India, Urbanization: Trends and Challenges, First-Past-the-Post and PR System of Representation, Regulation of Opinion and Exit Polls, Frequent Exam Paper Leaks, India and G7, Unemployment, Urban Fires, Agnipath Scheme, Eco-Sensitive Areas in the Western Ghats among others.

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