Download: Mains Marathon May, 2017 Compilation

ForumIAS announcing GS Foundation Program for UPSC CSE 2025-26 from 26th June. Click Here for more information.


We have come up with the Monthly Compilation of Mains Marathon for the month of May, 2017.

Kindly download the Compilation below:

Click Here to Download

Or, Visit our Free Downloads Page.

About Mains Marathon

  • We post Daily Questions for Mains Marathon in the first half of the day.
  • They are limited to 3 to 4 questions on a daily basis. 
  • You are expected to spend not more than 10 minutes on each question – in essence limiting your answer writing time to between 30-40 minutes.
  • We try to keep all questions meaningful and relevant to the examination.
  • The questions posted on Mains Marathon cover mainly the Current Affairs part of GS Paper 3, 2, 1 and anything that is relevant for GS – 4 too.
  • We come up with one Essay Topic Every week. They are released on Saturday.
  • General Feedback on Answers will be provided. Peer review also happens.
  • Mains Marathon Suggested Answers are also released.


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