Draft rules ready to make microdots must in vehicles

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  1. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued a draft notification amending the Central Motor Vehicles Rules,1989.
  2. This amendment will allow motor vehicles and their parts,components, assemblies to be affixed with permanent and nearly invisible microdots that can be read physically with a microscope and identified with ultraviolet light.
  3. This move is aimed at making India free from vehicle thefts and spurious spare parts.
  4. Microdots are a globally proven technology to ensure originality in spare parts of machines and components including in the automobile sector.
  5. The government has envisaged that with microdots becoming a permanent feature in vehicles,identifying them would become easier in case they are stolen.
  6. The microdot technology involves spraying thousands of microscopic dots onto vehicles or other assets to form a unique identification.
  7. Each microdot carries this identification which is registered to the owner, but is not visible to the naked eye.Also,duplicate spare parts have been a pet peeve of the auto industry for decades.
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