Mains Marathon Free GS Mains Test Series for UPSC CSM-2017

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Dear Friends,

We will start Mains Marathon Free General Studies Mains Mock Tests for UPSC Mains 2017 from August 9th, 2017.

We request all the aspirants to participate actively in this Initiative.

Note: You have to supplement the Mains Marathon Free GS Test Series with Daily Mains Marathon Answer Writing Practice.

The tests would be designed in such a way that students would be able to complete the GS Mains syllabus on time and have ample answer writing practice before CSM-2017.

Download Mains Marathon Free GS Mock Tests Plan Here

Some key points to consider while preparing for Civil Services Mains Examination 2017:
  • Reading Current Affairs on a daily basis
  • Writing Answers Based on Current Events and Static portion
  • Covering the GS Mains Syllabus holistically
We already have three initiatives for covering Current Affairs on a daily basis:

The big problem we all are facing, that there are simply too many questions – a lot of them meaningless – around the Internet. You can either do those questions, or clear the Civil Services – but not both.

We will try to cover the entire syllabus in the plan. Download the plan and save it in your system for reference.

Note from our side: Try to cover the syllabus as we move ahead as per the plan. Topic listing of the tests is there in the plan.

Do review each others answers, so that everyone improves. 

More about the Mains Marathon Test Series:
  • We will be posting the Mains Marathon Tests around 5 PM.
  • There would be 24 Sectional Tests, 12 Essay Tests and 4 Full-length Tests.
  • Each Sectional Test will have 7 Questions.
  • You are expected to spend not more than 10 minutes on each question.
  • In essence, the exercise, even when done at a slow pace, should help you do a meaningful Answer Writing Practice.
  • We will try to keep all questions meaningful and relevant to the examination.
How to get updated when questions are posted?

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Important Points to consider for Answer Writing Practice:
  • Answer writing is the main tool and practicing is the key for perfection in mains examination.
  • In University theory papers one can write as much as he/she can. But in CSE-Mains, there is a fixed word limit and it is expected from you that you would not cross that limit.
  • The trick is that: In UPSC, you have to touch every aspect of the question and have to frame it within the word limit. Though this will be difficult in the beginning good practice will help a lot.
What should be done to score high?
  • Answers should be multifaceted.
  • Try and keep the introduction and conclusion very short.
  • Avoid reiteration of the similar thoughts
  • Use as many concepts as possible.
  • Give as many examples as possible to support your view. Try to have a contemporary relevance to you answer.
  • Write in very simple English, Academic jargons is not appreciated by UPSC, especially in General Studies Papers.
  • Your answers need to be more dynamic and holistic. As UPSC says “The candidates must give relevant, meaningful and succinct answers“.
  • Write answers directly; do not beat around the bush. Some punctuation marks like this one (;) play a crucial role.
  • For a balanced answer within the specified word limit, try to have a reasonable level of knowledge base.
  • Practice makes it perfect.

Also, note:

  • You should review at least 3-5 Answers for every question that you write.
  • Ask others to review your answers.
Advice from our side for maximum utilization of the Free Test Series:
  1. Attempt all the tests seriously.
  2. Appear all the tests by preparing well.
  3. Write all answers in exam like condition.
  4. Read and revise all the topics of the tests.
  5. Ask others to review your answers. And, do review others answers as well.

Find all GS Tests below: 

Download Mains Marathon Free GS Mock Tests Plan Here

All the Best from our side. Do you have any suggestions for us? Do let us know. We take all suggestions seriously.

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