Gulf of Guinea: EU and India carry out joint naval exercise

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Source: The post is based on the article “Gulf of Guinea: EU and India carry out joint naval exercise” published in “PIB” on 27th October 2023

Why in the News?

India and the European Union (EU) have conducted their maiden joint naval exercise in the Gulf of Guinea.

The exercise was conducted with the aim to boost maritime security cooperation in the region.

Where is the Gulf of Guinea?

LocationWestern African Coast
OceanNortheastern most part of the Atlantic Ocean
RiversThe Volta and Niger rivers are two of its primary tributaries
Known forOil and natural gas.
SignificanceNull Island, defined as the intersection of the Equator and Prime Meridian (zero degrees latitude and longitude) is in the gulf.
PiracyThe Gulf of Guinea is also known as the world’s hotspot for maritime piracy. 

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