HC reserves verdict on plea against BCCI representing India

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  1. The Madras High Court has reserved its order on a PIL seeking direction to authorities for initiating legal action against the BCCI.The petitioner said that BCCI has no authority to represent the country at international events without the government’s approval.
  2. The petitioner contended that (a)BCCI derived its logo from the British Raj emblem “The order of Star of India” which was an offence under the Emblem and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950 and (b) BCCI had no legal sanctity to use the word India in its name,nor does it stand right to represent a team called India,as the name implies patronage from the Indian government.
  3. On the other hand,BCCI argued that it has not violated the emblem act and questioned the authority of the petitioner to file such a case.
  4. The petitioner has also urged the court to order the Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports to create a body of its own and register it with the International Cricket Council(ICC).The body should be the official representative of the nation at the national and international level.
  5. Emblem and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act,1950 is to prevent the improper use of certain emblems and names for professional and commercial purposes.It extends to the whole of India and also applies to Indian citizens outside India.
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