History Optional Questions – Test 5 : Mains Marathon


Test 5 : History Optional Mains Marathon

Q1.Akbar build Mughal Empire by enlisting support of Rajput, Aurangzeb destroyed it by eliminating them. Do you agree?

Q2. Enumerate the factors that shaped Aurangzeb’s religious policy.

Q3. Stress the evolution of Mughal Deccan policy from Akbar to Aurangzeb.

Q4.Analyse the causes of agrarian crisis faced by the peasants in MughalEmpire during latter half of 17th century.

Q5. 18th century enjoyed a place of great significance in Indian history. Discuss.

Q6. Give an account for the population during Mughal India.

Q7. Political order and stability provided by the Mughals in north India led to revival of economic life and contributed to the growth of numerous towns and commercial activities. Discuss.

Q8. Write a brief note on coinage during the Mughal India.

Q9. Give an account of patronage of Mughals for science and technology. Discuss the development of astronomy during medieval period.

Q10. Persian Literature made tremendous progress during the period of rule of the Mughals. Discuss.

Q11. Abul fazl is the most distinguished historian in medieval India. Comment.

Q12. Trace the development of music during the Mughal period.

Q13. Trace the development of architecture from 1556 AD to 1707 AD.

Q14. Mughal paintings marked the zenith of its rise during the period of Jahangir. Discuss.

Q15. Nobility apart from office and public service did not exist in Mughal state. Discuss.

Q16. The cementing of hitherto scattered and disunited people into one political whole was not only an offspring of Shivaji’s genius but as much the outcome of topography, social and religious renaissance. Comment.

Q17. Shivaji represented more continuity with the contemporary kingdoms than discontinuity. Discuss critically the role of Shivaji in building of the Maratha kingdom.

Q18. The seeds of Maratha confederacy were inherent in the socio-political background of Maratha movement. Discuss.

Q19. Why did Marathas failed to establish a strong empire?

Q20. Write a note on Ashtapradhan system of administration under Shivaji.

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