How to prepare for UPSC in 4 months

The UPSC Civil Services exam stands out as one of India’s most challenging exam. Traditionally, a dedicated period of 10 to 12 months is considered the norm for an average aspirant to master the extensive syllabus and intricacies of the examination. However, this doesn’t imply that success is unattainable within a shorter timeframe. 

It must be noted that the 4-month UPSC strategy is more convenient for those who have prior knowledge.

  • To effectively prepare for the UPSC exam within a four-month timeframe, strategic prioritization of subjects based on Prelims weightage is imperative. Analyzing Previous Year Questions (PYQs) aids in this prioritization process.
  • Despite the time constraints, regular newspaper reading is indispensable for staying updated. Consider incorporating daily news analysis through reading or watching to enhance comprehension.
  • While comprehensive reading of NCERT may be challenging within this timeframe, using it for basic revision is advisable. Balancing the basics with time constraints is crucial.
  • Regular practice of PYQs is invaluable for reinforcing understanding and honing exam-specific skills.
  • For CSAT preparation, allocate one or two full days monthly. Focus on achieving a score above 33%, emphasizing understanding over aiming for the top position. Identify and concentrate on manageable CSAT topics. If English proficiency is satisfactory, dedicate time to enhance it further, and practice Mathematics/Reasoning to secure the additional marks necessary to surpass the 66-mark threshold.
  • Revising what you’ve learned is a critical aspect of effective exam preparation. Regular revision helps reinforce concepts and improves long-term retention. Additionally, rectifying and learning from mistakes made in mock tests is equally important. Analyze the errors, understand the correct approach, and work on the weak areas identified through the tests

4 Months Schedule

Subjects / TopicsNumber of Days for 1st ReadingNumber of Days Revision
Modern History10 Days04 Days
Medieval History02 Day03 Days
Ancient History02 Days
Geography07 Days03 Days
Environment and Ecology04 Days04 Days
Indian Polity and Governance10 Days04 Days
Economics10 Days04 Days
Current Affairs15 Days08 Days
Total60 Days30 Days

Allocate remaining 30 days to practice mock tests and revise . Each mock test session, including the actual test, evaluation, and reviewing the solutions/explanations, requires a total of 4 hours. Considering this, it is feasible to take 2 to 3 mock tests daily.

FAQs on How to prepare for UPSC in 4 months

Q1: Is it possible to crack the UPSC exam in just 4 months?

Answer: While it is challenging, it is not impossible. Success depends on a focused and strategic approach, covering high-weightage topics, regular revision, and effective time management.

Q2: How should I prioritize my subjects within the limited timeframe?

Answer: Analyze Previous Year Questions (PYQs) to identify high-weightage subjects. Prioritize them for focused study and practice. Keep an eye on the syllabus to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Q3: Is daily newspaper reading essential during this period?

A: Yes, regular newspaper reading is crucial to stay updated on current affairs. Consider complementing this with daily news analysis through reading or watching to save time.

Q4: Is there a recommended strategy for the last month of preparation?

Answer: In the final month, dedicate time exclusively to Prelims preparation. Focus on revision, solving additional mock tests, and work upon weak areas.

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