Hunt Down Rohingya, Assam Govt tells Cops

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  1. The Assam government has ordered a crackdown on Rohingya Muslims believed to have been settled down with the help of some vested interests.
  2. Rohingya is an ethnic group, largely comprising Muslims, who predominantly live in the Western Myanmar province of Rakhine. They speak a dialect of Bengali, as opposed to the commonly spoken Burmese language in Myanmar.
  3. They were not granted full citizenship by Myanmar. They were classified as “resident foreigners or associate citizens”.Lakhs of Rohingyas have been displaced, with majority of them seeking refuge in Bangladesh and India.In India, there are nearly 40,000 Rohingya refugees.According to Bangladesh and Indian security agencies,there has been a problem of growing Islamic radicalization among the Rohingyas.
  4. India does not have a specific law regarding refugees besides,India has the highest number of refugees in the entire South Asia region.
  5. India has also not been a signatory of the 1951 UN Convention or the 1967 Protocol – both relating to the Status of Refugees and included in the UNHCR statute. According to the UNHCR, a refugee is a person living in another country following persecution in his own on the grounds of “race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.”
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