Hyodol Robot

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Source-This post on Hyodol Robot is based on the article “Meet Hyodol, an AI social robot to help senior citizens beat loneliness” published in “The Indian Express” on 13th March 2024.

Why in the News?

The South Korean government has deployed about 7,000 Hyodol dolls to provide companionship and medication reminders for senior citizens.

About Hyodol Robot

Hyodol robot
Source-Korean times

Developed by– South Korean company Hyodol

About– It is an AI care robot that offers customized care for seniors.


1. These look like cuddly soft toys, but have advanced features like language processing, emotion recognition, and music playback which provides engagement for seniors.

2. It has safety features to alert when there’s no movement detected for a while.

3. It offers touch interaction, check-ins, health coaching, voice messages, 24-hour reminders, music, quizzes, exercise tips, and more.

4. The robot gathers data by interacting with people and having conversations with them. It can engage in full conversations and includes a companion app and web platform for caretakers to monitor from a distance.

5. Furthermore, caregivers who have access to the app can send and receive voice messages, create group announcements, and monitor motion detection.

6. The robot also checks users’ health twice daily with health Q&A sessions. It collects verbal and nonverbal data from users around the clock using AI.

7. It can connect to smart home devices and has a user-friendly interface for everyone to use easily.

Technology used

The AI robot can engage in conversations because it has a large integrated language model.

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