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UPSC Civil Services is one of the most coveted exams in India. Cracking it, requires hard work, dedication, and most importantly right guidance and approach. We, at ForumIAS, believe that one way an aspirant can have a better understanding of the demands of answer writing is by going through IAS Topper Notes and sample answers.

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Kajal Jawla (Rank 28, CSE 2018)

Zoology Optional Notes:

Animal behaviour and biostats | Animal Kingdom-Annelida Mollusca | Animal Kingdom-Arthropoda and Protozoa | Animal Kingdom-Echinodermata onwars | Ecology residual | Economic zoology | Genetics and evolution1 | Genetics and evolution2 | Instrumentation methods | PaperII rem notes | Systematics | Zoology notes – Cell Bio | Zoology notes – Non-chordates

Anudeep Durishetty Notes ( Rank 1, CSE 2017 )

Mains Sample Answer Copy:


GS 1

World History Notes:  Click here
World History Maps: Click here
Art and Culture Diagrams: Click here
India Since Independence: Click here
Geography – Resource Distribution: Click here
Indian Society: Click here

GS 2

Polity: Click Here
Constitutional Articles you need to memorise: Click here

GS 3

Environment: Click Here

GS 4

Ethics: Click Here


Important Statistics for GS: Click Here
ARC 2 Notes: Click Here


Notes: Click Here
Quote collection: Click Here
List of important topics: Click Here

Abhishek Surana Notes ( Rank 10, CSE 2017 )

Mains GS-1 – Click Here

Mains GS-2 –Click Here

Mains GS-3 – Click here

Utsav Gautam (Rank 33, CSE 2017) Notes

Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3

Prajit Nair (Rank 87, CSE 2016)

ForumIAS Mains Marathon booklets: Link 1| Link 2

Geography Optional Notes – Perspectives in Human Geography: Click Here

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