Increasing Adoption of AI by Electronic Industry 

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Increasing Adoption of AI by Electronic Industry 

Source-This post on Increasing Adoption of AI by Electronic Industry has been created based on the article “Electronic devices will be increasingly driven by AI” published in “Business Standard” on 17 June 2024. 

UPSC Syllabus-GS Paper-3– Awareness in the fields of IT, Space, Computers, Robotics, Nano-technology, Bio-technology and issues relating to Intellectual Property Rights. 

Context -Tim Cook’s announcement of integrating ChatGPT into future iOS versions has sparked competition in AI for mass market adoption. Elon Musk, via xAI, responded by launching a rival AI chatbot named Grok and threatened to prohibit Apple products at his businesses due to security and data breach concerns linked to OpenAI. 

What is the trend toward increasing adoption of AI Chatbots and LLMs? 

1) AI chatbots, large language models (LLMs), and AI-based features are witnessing increasing adoption across the tech industry.Operating systems, search engines, and niche service providers are integrating AI and LLMs to enhance user experience. 

2) Google, Microsoft (Bing), and others have incorporated AI into their search engines, with mixed user responses. 

 3) Apple and Samsung collectively dominate more than half of the mobile devices and tablets market. Future generations of mobiles, PCs, home appliances, and IoT devices are going to integrate AI for better efficiency and user interaction 

What are the potential benefits? 

1) The integration of AI into devices like mobiles, PCs, and IoT devices promises enhanced operational efficiency and a more intuitive user interface. 

2) Voice-controlled AI devices will provide self-diagnosis and personalized user experiences. 

 What are the challenges? 

1) AI integration in consumer electronics presents new challenges in security and data privacy. 

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2) Voice-activated systems can be broken by AI mimicking voices, and IoT devices would stream data continuously to service providers. 

3) Creating and enforcing new laws to protect data privacy will be a challenge in this AI-driven future. 

Question for practice 

What is the growing trend in adopting AI chatbots and large language models (LLMs)? What advantages do they offer, and what obstacles do they face? 

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