India’s neighbours at swearing-in: Shared stakes in stable ties

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Source: This article India’s neighbours at swearing-in: Shared stakes in stable ties has been created based on the article Settling trade disputes through ‘litigotiation’ published in The Hindu on 10th June 2024.

UPSC Syllabus Topic: GS Paper 2 – International Relations – Bilateral relations between India and other countries

News: The article highlights the significance of the presence of South Asian and Indian Ocean leaders at Narendra Modi’s swearing-in ceremony for his third term as Prime Minister.

What is the geopolitical significance of the event?

First India is facing increasing hostility in its neighbourhood. Similarly, India has seen many ups and downs in the relations with its smaller neighbours. Therefore, presence of leaders of these countries underlines the significance of interdependence on each other.

Second, it is the testament of India’s neighborhood first policy.

Third, Intensifying conflicts among major powers and the restructuring of the global economic order are posing major challenges around the world. India will need all goodwill and support, it can gather.

Fourth, In the recent years, western countries have raised their concerned about so-called democratic backsliding in India. But, the recent resurgence of opposition has tackled this issue.

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