Joint Doctrine for Cyberspace Operations

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Joint Doctrine for Cyberspace Operations

Source– This post on Joint Doctrine for Cyberspace Operations has been created based on the article “CDS releases blueprint for warfare in cyberspace”  published in “The Hindu” on 19 June 2024.

Why in the news?

Recently, CDS released the Joint Doctrine for Cyberspace Operations during the Chiefs of Staff Committee (COSC) meeting.

About the Joint Doctrine for Cyberspace Operations

i) The doctrine emphasizes understanding military aspects of cyberspace operations and provides conceptual guidance to commanders, staff, and practitioners for planning and conducting these operations.

ii) It aims to raise awareness among warfighters at all levels about the importance and execution of cyberspace operations.

 Significance of the Joint Doctrine

i) Guidance for Commanders: The Joint Doctrine is a keystone publication designed to guide commanders in conducting cyberspace operations within today’s complex military environment.

ii) Enhancing Jointness and Integration: Development of joint doctrines is crucial for promoting jointness and integration which is an actively pursued goal by the Indian Armed Forces.

iii) Impetus to Ongoing Processes: The release of this doctrine is a significant step forward in advancing the ongoing processes related to cyberspace operations.

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