More than 1.6 Lakh air travelers have taken benefit of Digi Yatra

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Source: The post is based on the article More than 1.6 Lakh air travelers have taken benefit of Digi Yatra published in The Hindu on 23rd February 2023

What is the News?

The total number of passengers who have used the Digi Yatra process at the airports from December 2022 to February 2023 is over 1.6 lakh.

What is Digi Yatra?

Digi Yatra is a biometric boarding system using Facial Recognition Technology to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience for passengers at airports.

It enhances passenger experience by eliminating the need for verification of ticket and ID at multiple touch-points and provides better throughput through existing infrastructure using a Digital Framework.


Voluntary: The Digi Yatra is a voluntary facility. 

No data stored: In the Digi Yatra process, there is no central storage of passengers’ Personally Identifiable Information data.

– All the passengers’ data is encrypted and stored in the wallet of the passengers’ smartphones and shared only for a limited time duration with the airport of travel origin, where the passenger’s Digi Yatra ID needs to be validated. 

– The data is purged from the system within 24 hours of the flight.

Implementation: Digi Yatra is being implemented across airports in a phased manner.In the first phase, it was launched at Delhi, Bengaluru, and Varanasi Airports on 1st December last year. 

– The implementation of Digi Yatra under phase I is also planned at Kolkata, Pune, Vijayawada, and Hyderabad Airports.

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