Must Read News Articles –December 7

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GS: 2

International relations:

Jerusalem is Israel’s capital:U.S. (The Hindu)

U.S. President Donald Trump reversed decades of policy on Wednesday and recognised  Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, despite warnings from around the world that the gesture will further drive a wedge between Israel and the Palestinians.

Let us be realistic about the UNSC (The Hindu Editorial)

If a permanent Security Council seat is unavailable, India must not spurn other proposals on the table

Island hopping (The Hindu Editorial)

The announcement of a free trade agreement between the Maldives and China is another sign of Beijing’s success in its outreach in South Asia

Back India’s entry into NSG, China told (The Hindu)

Panel to decide the country’s membership to the Wassenaar Arrangement today

Simply Put: What US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital means (Indian Express)

Jerusalem is in ways emblematic of the Israel-Palestine conflict itself. At its heart lies the tussle over who gets to control the ancient city that is sacred to Jews, Muslims and Christians

Indian Constitution and Polity:

Courts can turn down child repatriation, says Supreme Court (The Hindu)

For welfare of the child, Indian courts can deny repatriation of children involved in cross-border parental abduction, says the Supreme Court.

Caste in stone (Indian Express)

Centre’s initiative on inter-caste marriages is welcome, revives a question: Why are they so few in number?

Recognise the technology constraints (The Hindu Opinion)

India’s reliance on imported digital technologies cannot be levelled overnight to make way for a uniform data law

Social issues:

Universal health coverage is the best prescription (The Hindu Editorial)

UHC provides the framework in which the issues of access, quality and cost can be integrated

GS: 3


At the same rate (Indian Express)

RBI signal: Policy support to growth can be discounted for now. Government must ease path for private investment.

Unwavering caution — on RBI holding repo rate (The Hindu Editorial)

The RBI’s decision to hold rates reflects its expectations of faster inflation

Unable to see the bamboo for the trees (The Hindu Opinion)

Deregulating bamboo production does not address the issue of building a transparently governed forest sector

‘India must tap changing trends in manufacturing’ (The Hindu)

India needs to consider bringing out appropriate policies soon to help its companies use their success in Information Technology and Information Technology-enabled Services to take advantage of the growing trend of “servicification” of manufacturing, according to a World Bank official.

PSU banks : reform with recap (The Hindu)

The proposed recapitalisation of public sector banks will include a package of reforms, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Urjit Patel said on Wednesday, adding that the finance ministry would release the details in the coming days.


Solar Alliance comes into existence (The Hindu)

India’s global initiative, the International Solar Alliance (ISA) that aims at increasing solar energy deployment in member countries, came into legal, independent existence Wednesday. It is the first treaty-based international intergovernmental organisation to be based out of India.


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