Must Read News Articles – July 10

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GS 1

Social issues Seeds of a million tyrannies: (Indian Express, Editorial)

The anti-minority violence India is witnessing is significant not principally because of its scale but because of the processes engendering it.

Law, morality, triple talaq: (Indian Express, Editorial)

The issue is not whether triple talaq is an essential practice of Islam, but whether it is an essential practice of the Hanafi school.

GS 2

Government policies

Weapons not for showing off, says High Court: (The Hindu)

GS 3

Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment

G20 hails India’s labour reforms, start-up policy: (The Hindu)

Acknowledging the steps being taken by India for sustainable and inclusive growth as well as support to global economy, the G20 has praised the initiatives in the country for promoting ease of doing business, start-up funding and labour reforms.

Demystifying debt funds as an investment option: (The Hindu)

The Centre has, through a notification and a circular, eased the paperwork required to export goods without the exporter having paid the Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST).

Science and Tech

Easier access to H1N1 medicines raises fears of drug resistance: (The Hindu)

Concerns regarding a build-up of resistance to antiviral drugs used to treat swine flu are surfacing, after two such drugs — Oseltamivir and Zanamivir — were taken off the restrictive Schedule X of the Drugs and Comestics Rules. Now under Schedule H1, the drugs can be stocked by all chemists.

Prelims Related News

Curcumin nanoparticles found to shorten TB treatment time:

Curcumin, the basic ingredient of turmeric, when administered in a nanoparticle formulation has several favourable properties in the treatment of tuberculosis in mice, researchers have found.

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