Must Read News Articles – June 12

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GS 1

Geophysical phenomena

Met Dept. sees ‘good week’ ahead for monsoon:

The southwest monsoon is making a steady advance into Maharashtra and West Bengal and the Meteorological Department has predicted a “good week” ahead.

GS 2

India and neighbors

‘Neighbourhood First’ in Nepal: (The Hindu, Editorial)

India needs to help Prime Minister Deuba clear the way for elections under the new Constitution.

International groupings and agreements

‘BRICS should fight against terror’:

BRICS countries to exercise leadership in brainstorming the concept of Indo-Pacific region, which, in his view had emerged as the centre of gravity of the global system.

India, Israel set to expand defence ties:

As India and Israel celebrate 25 years of their diplomatic relations, Tel Aviv has quietly emerged as one of the largest and trusted suppliers of defence equipment to the Indian armed forces, which rely heavily on imports.

The right balance: (Indian Express, Editorial)

India’s emphasis on the need to counter terrorism and strengthen inner Asian regionalism reveals a pragmatic approach to the SCO.

Indian Constitution

Whose fight is it anyway? (Indian Express, Editorial)

The polar positions taken in the Supreme Court hearing on the triple talaq matter obfuscate a question fundamental to the issue: Women’s agency.

GS 3

Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment

GST Council decides to lower rates on 66 items:

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council decided to reduce tax rates on 66 items including cashew nuts, packaged foods such as sauces and pickles, agarbatti, insulin, school bags, children’s colouring books, cutlery, and some tractor components.

Economic forecasting is not a science: (The Hindu, Editorial)

India lost its tag as the ‘world’s fastest-growing economy’ last month. Very few economists expected the slowdown.

How does the monsoon affect the economy?:

India Meteorological Department (IMD) had predicted the country would get normal monsoon rains in 2017. The state-run weather body last week said India’s annual monsoon rainfall is expected to be 98% of the long-period average (LPA), up from 96% projected earlier, raising prospects of higher farm output and economic growth.

Can India decode Trump’s book of deals?:

If it wants to boost exports, the country may have to follow the example of China and engage better with each U.S. State.

“Centre’s GST audit steps may add to compliance burden”:

The mandatory audit provisions released by the Government will only add to the cost of and time taken for compliance.

The evolving state of Indian states: (Live Mint, Editorial)

Revenue expenditure of states has risen sharply with greater financial devolution and increased expenditure, a gap which will further increase with GST.

Cropping pattern, Agriculture, e-technology

The crops of wrath: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Demonetisation may not have hit agriculture production but it is the cause for the current unrest.

Prelims Related News

Scientists conjure up largest virtual universe:

Scientists have created the largest-ever virtual universe that simulates the formation galaxies and may hold clues to the nature of the elusive dark matter that is believed to make up majority of the cosmos.

Floating solar farm reflects China’s clean energy aims:

As the United States was withdrawing from the Paris climate pact, China’s clean energy ambitions were being reflected in the launch of the world’s largest floating solar farm.

Climate change may cause more rainfall in the tropics:

The amount of rainfall in the Earth’s tropical regions will significantly increase as our planet continues to warm.

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