Must Read News Articles – September 12

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Urbanisation, Social issues

Addressing India’s income inequality: (Live Mint, Editorial)

Widening income inequality weakens public support for liberal economic reforms.


Effects of developed and developing countries policies

No plan yet to deport Rohingya: (The Hindu)

Responding to UN official’s statement, Minister says States have been asked only to identify ‘illegal’ immigrants and act as per procedure.

India and neighbors

India to further aid Afghan troops: (The Hindu)

Afghanistan suggests larger regional role for India.

The picture after Doklam: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Partnership with Japan could be the cornerstone of a coalition to take on China’s economic, military might.

Inflection point in Kabul: (Indian Express, Editorial)

The strategic rewards in Afghanistan might be as large as the risks.

Why no country wants Rohingya, why it’s so difficult to deport them: (Indian Express, Explained)

India believes “quiet diplomacy” is its only option, but is worried it will be increasingly drawn into the situation. No one believes the crisis will be resolved soon, leave alone Myanmar accepting the Rohingya as citizens.

International groupings and agreements

Firm signal on bullet train project: (The Hindu)

However, focus of Japanese PM’s visit is likely to be bilateral talks on security.

Needed: a BIT dispute management strategy: (Live Mint, Editorial)

Irrespective of the current mood against bilateral investment treaties, BIT disputes are unlikely to go away anytime soon.


Infrastructure and investment models

Why India needs a bullet train: (Indian Express, Editorial)

The project is set to provide reliable and comfortable service with high standards of safety. We should be careful not to confuse technology development with elitism.

Science and Tech

Who wields AI, and how: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Artificial Intelligence can become an emancipatory agent for the workforce.

Prelims Related News


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